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Nhận khách hàng mới trên toàn quốc

Below you will find Documents and Forms to assist you in gathering your documents.

All documents and forms can be securely submitted to us via Our Mobile App or Computer. Returning clients may click this link to access their secure portal (new clients will receive an invitation to join after their new client call).

ALL INDIVIDUAL 1040 Clients will need to complete ONE or ALL of the following:

SOME 1040 Clients may need to complete the following:

NEW CLIENT EXTENSION REQUEST – If you are a new client and need an extension please complete this Extension request form for new clients. An extension give you until October 15th to file a personal tax return. An Extensions DOES NOT extended the time to pay your taxes due.

BUSINESS Clients may need:

OTHER Forms Clients frequently need / request:

  • FORM W9 (For Independent Contractors to Complete)
  • FORM W4 (For New Employees or Employees who want to change withholdings to Complete)